Thrilled to be a cheerleader for the BEARS

  • Penn State has JOPA but we had Coach John Henzes! I was thrilled to be a cheerleader for the BEARS; today my kids and grandkids love to tease and ask for me to give them a “B”! I describe to them that lovely old wooden Victorian building that was Blakely High School; with its oiled floors, worn steps, antique (even then) desks, the locker rooms, gym/dance room. My fondest memories of teachers are Mary Rozelle and Violet Owens. We had a marvelous English department….I am appalled at the quality of writing in newspapers, etc. today. Any of our high school students could have done better. I’m sure that there are loyal students all over our country, but I’m so proud that I graduated from Blakely High School and lived in the lovely little town of Peckville.

    Rosemary Kura Dikeman, Class of 1957


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