Thanks to Papa Bear’s encouragement

  • I was not a very good football player but I made the team in my senior year thanks to Papa Bear’s encouragement. I remember Bob Pickerel, our star running back, hurting his leg in practice and had to be taken to the hospital for x-rays. Sometime later, a car was racing around the playing field fence and someone was hanging out the window yelling “no break” “no break”. I thought the car had no brakes and was about to crash into the fence, but of course, what he meant was Bob’s leg wasn’t broken. Karl Klach mentioned Kwolek’s, Castelli’s, Andy’s and Rocky’s (Ice 9cents a glass, with soda, 10 cents) but he left out Angeloni’s Pool Hall where you could get the best steak sub in town. And who could forget hitchhiking to Tony’s Pizza Palace in Olyphant. I remember one night the crowd was particularly rowdy and Tony told us that if we didn’t calm down he would throw us out. And then he closed with a line I’ll never forget. “It’s up to yee”. Tony’s was the place to go if you wanted to meet girls from all the surrounding towns like Jessup, Dickson City, Throop and Olyphant. Those were the good old days. I would like to thank Joe Weston for contacting me and letting me know about the web site. It brings back so many memories. Hope to see you all on 8/6.

    Jim Lemoncelli, Class of 1961


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