So many wonderful memories

  • The tradition still lives … thanks Joe Weston for a great way to keep it going and going. I have so many wonderful memories of my years at BHS. Life was simpler then; the only thing we had to worry about was what to wear to a school dance or who was going to ask us out. We walked everywhere we needed to be. Our classes were small and that is why friendships were made then and continue today. Everyone knew everyone. Can we ever forget our Senior Class trip to Washington? How about after the games when we went to our favorite places to meet and celebrate a Blakely Bear win. Our class has been fortunate to be able to have a reunion every five years and each one gets better and better thanks to our committee. I don’t remember calling Coach Henzes “Papa Bear” back then, but I remember that he was like a father to me and other students. He nurtured so many of us and we are who we are today because of him.

    Joyce Meyers Petrulak, Class of 1960


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