“Remember when”……….

  • I think this site is a great way to “Remember when”……….I remember working in Mr. Keller’s office. My job was to call the home of the kids who were absent. Hey Joe M. do you recall me calling your home and YOU answered? Of course I covered up for my friend, you were down with some sort of ODD flu, right? Then there was taking the special announcements to the classrooms. One day I tumbled and actually did tumble in Miss Chase’s room. Think that is why they wrote in the yearbook, “What if Carol Dziki walked gracefully.” I am sure all the guys remember Miss Chase as she always FAVORED the boys. This is true, right gals? My dad and mom were the biggest fans of the Blakely Bears, they never missed a game. If you guys can remember my dad had Zeke’s Rec. A cool little store that had pinball machines and a pool table. And if you cursed, he had you put money in the cuse box. He never would tolerate cursing or fighting. Hope to stay in touch with all my fellow Blakely Bears.

    Carol Dziki DiPietro, Class of 1965


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