One of the best running backs at Blakely High School

  • My Uncle John Dewey was on Coach’s first team. As one of four brothers to also play at Blakely, it gives me pride to remember playing for Coach and to speak for my two brothers who have died. The first person I saw most school days was Coach Henzes as he welcomed me in the boys’ locker area before the start of school. He was never unpleasant, always seemed in a good mood and loved to share some anecdote to make you laugh. Gym classes were always the same. Play rough basketball between the poles (this is pre-1959 when the new “gym” opened) and maybe even line up and run a few football plays. My memory says that Coach was a good man who seemed to treat everyone the same. A fond memory is playing a scoreless tie with Old Forge in my junior year. Legend has it that he was so excited he swallowed his chew. He, Coach Cordelli, Mr. Kubash, they were good people. Mr. Kubash would do the laundry and dry them out on the bleachers. And you can’t forget that warm coal fire in the locker room at half time…Any way, I could go on. As an aside, Coach really loved my good friend and child buddy Wayne Miller and encouraged him to be what he really was, one of the best running backs at Blakely.

    Dick Dewey, Class of 1958


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