My own fond memories at Blakely High

  • After reading some of the “Bear Tales” stories, I can’t help thinking about my own fond memories at Blakely High. They say that the “golden years” in a person’s life is when they finally get to retire and enjoy life after retirement. Well, funny as it may seem, I think that those “golden years” were way back then when as a teenager you were really getting to know what life was all about. My memories take me back to the days when the dances were held in the school auditorium and the old fire station, the junior and senior proms, the Friday night football games, and all of the teachers who gave us their all to educate us and mold us into successful, responsible, and professional adults. This was the time of my life I had met some of my best friends that are still close to me today. The time when as a teenager you probably had your first date, drove your first car, and the time when your adulthood really started to bloom. The good old days!!!

    So much has been said about coach Papa Bear Henzes, I really don’t know what else to say about a man who did then and may still have today have somewhat of an effect on many of us through his guidance and his “natural” ways of bringing out the best in all of us. He was a God fearing man who had pride, honesty, fairness, and integrity. Attributes that never yielded through his life- time. He probably provided the heaviest impact to a young man’s life more than anyone in the whole school. He kept the spirit of Blakely High at its highest level then and still does now many years later.

    Hats off to my good friend and fellow class- mates Joe Weston, Bob Rossi, and all of those who have made this web site possible!!!

    Sam Fioretti, Class of 1962


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