My fondest memories of Blakely

  • Some of my fondest memories of Blakely were when I was a young girl. My two older brothers, Nick and Roger Wolfe played football and we always went to the games even though we didn’t really understand the game.

    We also had football on Thanksgiving morning in those days and it was a tradition to go to the game and afterward go home to a big turkey dinner. Years later, when my son, Gene Geeza, became a student trainer for the team, we were still faithful fans and attended all the games no matter the weather.

    Other memories of my years at Blakely High were that our Junior Prom had to be postponed because of the flood in 1942. Another bittersweet memory was that at least six boys from our class had already gone into the service and could not be with us at graduation.

    My class of 1943 is a great one and we still get together with the local people to reminisce at least once or twice a year.

    Good luck to all and let’s never forget our wonderful school. Blakely High!

    Anne W. Wolfe Geeza, Class of 1943


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