Memory Lane for Blakely High

  • Memory Lane for Blakely High holds stories that bring smiles; others will make you laugh until you cry. One such Bear tale took place in the Home Economics house where just girls were allowed to hone their sewing skills as Future Homemakers of America. Whenever the girls left the high school to walk a very short way to the house, we would run at top speed when the lesson involved sewing. It wasn’t that we could hardly wait to learn the next sewing skill, but our purpose was to secure an electric sewing machine and not a treadle, which worked by use of a very coordinated foot movement and not electricity. There were catfights and all out yelling matches before Miss McCabe, our teacher, entered the room. Some close friendships were in jeopardy due to no one wanting to use the treadle. My dearest friend, Cathy Polochick Sweeney, was one of those sweet girls who became nearly violent trying to shove me from the electric machine so that she could use it. To this day, I continue to take orders from her because I’m still very easy-going. I wonder if the Valley View Home Economics department has inherited some of those old-fashioned treadle machines. I do know that boys are allowed to take Home Ec if they so desire. Times have certainly changed!

    Lorraine Lupini, Class of 1968


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