“Keep feeding him, Doc!!!”

  • Joe: Please accept my thanks for contacting me about the web site. If I counted on Pat, Tommy or Ricky to let me know, I’d be in for a long wait.

    I noticed only a few postings from what I will call the “crossover” group, those select few who had the mis-fortune to play only a portion of their high school years as Bears. Since I had been “on staff” (that sounds so much better than ball boy or student manager) from 1963-65 and then played in 8th, 9th and 10th grade, I was around Coach Henzes, Stan Kubash and the rest of the team, longer than most of that group, although several, Dan McDonnell, Mark Semkew and some others whom I am sure I am forgetting, had done the same type of service.

    Time is short this evening so I will just add two of my most favorite memories, first, Coach Henzes continually telling my Dad to “Keep feeding him, Doc!!!” And, secondly, Mr. Kubash on an almost daily basis threatening that he was going “Chase you home!!!!!” if you weren’t doing you managerial work properly or, later, if your practice work was not up to his standards.

    I will be writing more later. Thanks, again for thinking of me. This is a tough group to try and match memories and stories with, there are just too many great athletes, great people and great storytellers to compete with, but you know I am going to try.

    Bill (Billy, and probably forever to this group, TIGER) Walsh, VV Class of 1971


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