In appreciation of old Coach Henzes

  • This story started right after my 16th birthday, when I was attending Blakely High School. Pro. Richard Carvolth, who attended my church, Blakely Baptist, was the high school Principal. When he found out I had my driver’s license, he called me to his office and told me that I was to take his blue Ford, and take my Dad who was the Truant Officer to check on the boys and girls who failed to show up at school. The first time I took my father to check on a boy in Peckville, I said to him, I’ll take you to check on boys and girls in Peckville, but I’m not going to take you to check on any of my buddies in Blakely!

    This story is in appreciation of old Coach Henzes. When I was a freshman, trying out for the baseball team, Coach Henzes had a locker room meeting and proceeded to tell us if he caught any team member smoking, they were off the team. In tribute to Coach Henzes I never smoked in my life. Thanks Coach-I will never forget you.

    My very best wishes to all our Blakely Graduates!

    Jim Richards, Class of 1942


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