I was part of the last class to graduate from Blakely High School.

  • Hello all old friends and alumni!

    Great site! If I could only type . I didn’t play football but I have a ton of old memories . So, just how many gigs of space do I get here anyway? I’ll throw out a few tidbits in any case. Some are football related some are not.

    Probably my first real recollection of the football program was 1963 when we were on a run to play Tamaqua for the EC title. The sad part was( if I recall correctly ) that November 22 was the Friday we were to meet West Side and as we all stood waiting for the gates to open in Peckville we were told that the game had been postponed. (dumb kids) It had begun snowing a bit and we all went home to watch the TV for the rest of the weekend.

    I brought a note from Lincoln School to the high school one year in seventh grade and as I climbed up to the porch outside of Dorothy Wilson’s Spanish room I ran into Jackie Henzes coming out. I was fairly tall and he said to me, (the deer in the headlights),the seventh grader,”Hey,do you like to play foot- ball?” for which the instant answer was “No”. Again….dumb!!

    So, how about big George Baron? Like Andre The Giant, right ?

    The mud in Minersville?

    How about Pretzel running about 150 yards to get a 70 yard touchdown just because no- one could catch him?

    I wound up as a drummer in the band and it was always pretty cool to do that march from the school down Keystone Ave. to the Stadium. The band wasn’t so bad. I was on the buses with all the girls after all!

    Like most everyone else I guess, I went to all the places uptown after the games and even over to Jessup to the Pizza Queen. And don’t forget Blackie’s with Joe Hvasta and Donny Reese in “JC and the Humans”

    The Sacred Heart dances with “The Golden Boys” “The Embers”, and “The Henchmen” to name a few.

    Did we love to hate Ron Allen on WARM or what?

    And does anyone remember the bad batch of Bears license plates that said “Blakely BAERS” and a lot of people used them anyway! ?

    Well I’m sure we could all write a small book , but I’ll give it a rest now.

    One really sad thing was standing on Crystal Street the year after graduating and watching all that history go up in flames.

    But I still get a kick out of being able to say that I was part of the last class to graduate from Blakely High School!

    BAERS! BAERS! BAERS! BAERS! BAERS! ( Just Kidding!!!!)

    Lenny Sweeney, Class of 1969


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