I learned so much from Coach Henzes

  • Where can I begin. I learned so much from Coach both on the field and off the field. On the field, he taught me tenacity. Tackle the ball. Get your man. Make that block. Keep trying until you get the job done. And if the man you blocked gets up, block him again and keep blocking until the whistle blows. Unfortunately, there were too many times when I “didn’t hear the whistle.” But, I did hear from Coach. That lesson–tenacity–helped me a great deal in overcoming the numerous barriers you find as you work our way through life. Off the field, Coach taught respect…respect for teachers, adults, for each other, for one’s self, and especially for the girls, who I might say have grown up to be wonderfully, beautiful ladies. Coach would not stand for any disrespect shown to the opposite sex (a word hardly mentioned in mixed company). At school dances where he chaperoned, you didn’t just hang with the guys, you had to have at least one dance with a “girl.” He also demanded we show respect for the faculty and all adults. Any violation of his “respect doctrine” could find you on the bench. So, tenacity and respect…two great lessons from one great man, lessons that he ingrained in me in a few short years, but that have lasted me a lifetime and have served me well. Thanks, Coach!

    Gene Dichiara, Class of 1954


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