Having not missed a football game at Blakely in 6 years

  • As I was getting along in my career as a Cooperative Education Coordinator in the Lackawanna Trail High School for the last twenty years, a district not unlike Blakely in the closeness of students and staff, I many times recounted to my students how lucky they were to be in a school that allowed them to feel part of a school where everybody knew and respected each other. The same also held true for our teachers. This is what I remember the most about my days at Blakely. Also, as a member of the marching band for 6 years, and having not missed a football game at Blakely in 6 years, I remember all the fun and excitement and togetherness the games provided. Once a Bear, always a Bear. The web site is great!

    Bert Silvestri, Class of 1965


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