Good Ole Blakely High

  • My heart will always reside in Peckville/Blakely. I was in the class of 1954. The Papa Bear Web Site is so enjoyable. Many thanks to all that had have contributed to its success. I left Peckville in 1954 and spent the following 20 years in the US Air Force. I have been living near San Francisco since 1974. My heart still resides in Peckville. I grew up on Ridge Road (now Gino Merli Drive). I could see Blakely High from my front porch.

    I can recall when I was 10 or 11 going to the pregame briefings in the old locker rooms at Blakely High. I use to carry the helmets of various football players to the games in Wilson Stadium. The team members will allow me to get into the games free. My other friends dug a passage under the old wooden fence to gain access to the games. I was on the Lincoln Grade school midget football team. Use to play with Jack Henzes, Jack Castellani, Bill Dushney, Gene Dichiara, Sam Goyne, Bob Zovlonsky, Smiler Sebastianelli, my brother Tom, Floyd Celli, Joe Castellani, and Gene Lechmanik. Our coaches were John Cicilioni and Polo Preschutti.

    We all went on to play for the Mighty Blakely Bears. During a game against West Side I was knocked out. I was unable to remember what I was supposed to do on certain plays. My mind just went blank. The following morning Pete Cordelli stopped at our home to check up on me. Although I did not recall anything from the night before, went to see Dr. Simpson on Monday, he gave me a clean bill of health. “Thanks Pete!”

    I can also recall the great dances we had in the “Grand Ballroom”, located in the massive gym of good Ole Blakely High.

    GOD Bless all you wonderful people that went to Good Ole Blakely High. GO BEARS!!!!!!

    Al Gerek, Class of 1954


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