Remembering Coach John Henzes, Sr.

  • As a nine-year old in third grade, I cherished and looked forward to the days when Coach would come to visit Number One School. Those were the days when Coach walked from the high school to Number One School, Columbus School, and Lincoln School. Every week, he visited each school at least once and taught basics like hygiene, taking care of ourselves, but more importantly how to properly treat those around us.

    I also remember entering the main high school building in seventh grade, when I got to see this great man every day, not just once a week. He and I both started our days at church, spent the day at school, and played football, basketball, and baseball after school. He taught me, by example, to be a gentleman wherever I went. His philosophy was to “teach a boy to be a gentleman and play the game hard on the field BUT always be a gentleman both on the field and off”.

    It was my great honor and privilege to know Coach for ten years of my school career, and irreplaceable how he affected the rest of my life. It is my sincere wish that you all enjoy that same gift.

    John C. O’Connor, Class of 1964


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