To test a person’s true character

  • To test a person’s true character give him authority. “Papa Bear” Henzes was not only a man of impeccable character and charisma but also excelled in the pivotal area of youth leadership. There are literally thousands of Blakely High School alumni that will attest to this fact. He was as a beacon in a lighthouse emanating guidance. There will be those who try to imitate him (a sincere form of flattery) but “Papa Bear” Henzes will never be duplicated. He was, is and will forever be a legend in the annals of high school football. Just imagine if you will, that after all of these years, I still fondly remember our dear coach. A memorial in his name is most fitting and its erection should not be delayed. “ONCE A BEAR, ALWAYS A BEAR”.

    Gilbert Morcom, Class of 1946


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