The wonderful tradition of the Blakely Bears.

  • I was born in Peckville and, ironically enough, was delivered at the Mid-Valley Hospital by Coach Henze’s wife, Mrs. Helen Henzes. I lived on Hill Street in Peckville and grew up there in the 30s and 40s. My school years began at Peckville’s No.1 School where I had the privilege of meeting my life long friend, Richie Shamon.

    Richie was the kind of friend everyone should have–an unselfish, true person. An example of his unselfish nature took place in a game we had against Carbondale. With just minutes to go, our fullback, Petey Krochta, got hurt and Richie replaced him in the backfield. On the very next play Richie took a handoff and raced 20 yards for an apparent touchdown. Knowing I needed another touchdown to become the scoring champ and with time running out in the game, he ran out of bounds on the two-yard line.

    On our next play I wanted Richie to take the ball and score. He had never before scored a TD. He insisted I try to take it in, which I was fortunate enough to do. As you can see, my scoring record would not have happened if it weren’t for the unselfish act of my good friend, Richie. I’ll never forget that generous act.

    Some of the other players on that team were Billy Harrison, Dick Regeski, Pete Bonani, Al Galuardi, Bob Thomas, Nick Krochta, John and Mike Feduchak, Lee Simpson and Norm Woodworth.

    I graduated from Blakely in 1947 and went to Albright College and I now live in Norwood, Mass. My very best to all and continue to keep alive the wonderful tradition of the Blakely Bears.

    Billy Krohto, Class of 1947


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