The Son of a Bear

  • As the son of a Bear, call me a “Bear Cub”, I grew up with a tradition of football. Although my father “Smiler” died way too young I had the influence of his football legacy at Blakely. I knew my Dad was a good football player, because everyone talked about the Blakely Bears. I wanted to be a great ball player someday. It was the tradition and the field that produced the player that I became at Valley View. You see when the Valley View began, Blakely didn’t end. We became a powerful football tradition combining the talents of, Archibald, Jessup, Eynon, and Blakely/Peckville. I am proud of my history of Blakely and hope to produce two more great ball players with my sons Robert, and Alec. Alec is already the starting QB for the “Blakely” Bulldogs. The tradition continues.

    A.J. Sebastianelli, Valley View – Class of 1983


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