The famed history of the Blakely Bears

  • I’m Brian Fioretti, son of Bob Fioretti. I’m 22-years old living in Ridgeland Mississippi. Since I was a little boy I’ve become aware of the famed history of the Blakely Bears every time we visited on vacation. My buddy Joe Weston would always tell me story after story about the bears. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when my dad and I would go to the football stadium to visit with Frank Pazzaglia and Tom Krempasky. They were always nice to me. I also enjoyed meeting Jack Henzes who said some nice things about my dad. My dad said jack and papa bear were a big influence in his life. I also enjoyed meeting Ron Dushney. I read about his accomplishments in my dad’s scrapbook. I’m a Notre Dame fan and Ron gave me a Rudy cap, which I still have.

    Brian Fioretti


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