Playing with the mighty Blakely Bears!

  • My time with the Bears ended in 1944. It was a time spent playing with such players as Gene Lucas, Bill Lewis, Billy Evans, Rudy Valentini, Gino Simpson, Tom Horrocks, Joe Boyko, Bill Shepard and Johnny Kochta–all first-rate players in their own right. We had a pretty good group.

    I later played for the University of Scranton where Pete Carlesimo recruited me. I was a three-year starter at fullback and linebacker and led the team in TDs and yards per carry. I was also chosen “Little All-American” and “Catholic All-American.”

    Eddie LeBaron, the mighty mite quarterback, who was running the Quantico Marines grid team, made it possible for me to be drafted by the Chicago Bears where I became a “Bear” once again. Johnny Lujack and George O’Connor led our team.

    All of this was made possible, however, by the preparation that was given to me playing with the mighty Blakely Bears. Thank you all very much.

    Pete Mondati, Class of 1945


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