My favorite memory is of the 1967 Blakely Bear Team!

  • My favorite memory is of the 1967 Blakely Bear Team, with big 63, Ernie Weston, playing tackle. Many a bear played injured, but in 1967, Dunmore and Blakely were really having a battle. Ernie was injured and standing on the sideline, rooting for the team.

    In the third quarter, I noticed Ernie was missing from the sideline. Looking towards the Blakely locker room, I saw coming out the injured bear, but in uniform. When big 63 emerged from the Bear lair, the Blakely Bear fans roared as he gingerly ran out onto the field. Needless to say, the momentum of the game quickly changed as Blakely notched another victory.

    Ernie Weston never quit. He was my teammate, but also, most importantly, my friend.

    Fraser Dolan, Jr., Kamikaze Kid


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