Knows the way, Shows the way and Goes the way!

  • While I was in High School and was participating in calisthenics, I can’t fully remember what the circumstances were, but it had something to do with running with others in a race. For some reason or another I have never been one to have any speed. One day “”PAPA BEAR”” Henzes kidded me and said that I ran ok it was just that I stayed in the same place too long. He had a great sense of humor and instead of belittling me he simply made light of it and let it go at that. He took good care of himself, which he required of his football team members as well. I guess that you have heard about leadership……..Knows the way, Shows the way and Goes the way. This can certainly be said of “PAPA BEAR”. He truly was an exemplary individual. To have known him was indeed a highlight of my school years too. I SHALL ALWAYS UPHOLD “THE BLUE AND GOLD” & THE MEMORY OF “PAPA BEAR” HENZES.

    Gilbert Morcom, Class of 1946


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