I had the privilege to play for Papa Bear

  • During the last year of Blakely, I had the privilege to play for Papa Bear. Being only in the 9th grade, I never thought I would see any playing time. Fortunately I played for a coach who was not only a fantastic coach but also a compassionate, fair-minded man. During a game against Archibald High School, the coach put me in on defense in the last quarter. At this time in my life I felt like I was on top of the world!! After two plays, and playing defensive end we stopped the Rams for zero yardage. On the next play they tried to throw a screen pass; and instead of rushing I followed the back and intercepted the pass ending the game, what an experience for me playing in my first game. Playing for coach Papa Bear Henzes, was not only a thrill but also an honor. I will always respect him for the man he was!!!

    David Thomas, VV Class of 1972


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