I guess I will always have a part of the “Bear” in me!

  • What a great tribute to an even greater man. I have always felt that the character of any man is based on the number of lives he has touched in a positive way. In the case of Coach Henzes that number is beyond anyone’s ability to calculate. I am a proud graduate of Valley View but my mother is Inez Andreoli DeLeo who was a proud Blakely Bear from the Class of ’47. Although she is gone now I remember growing up listening to some great “Bear” tales. As I am writing this I am looking at a newspaper cutout she saved from the 1946 season entitled “Blakely Wins Conference Title With 7-0 Win over West Side”. “Billy Harrison plunged in from the one for the winning score”. Although I never had the opportunity to play for “Papa Bear” when I read these articles and roam this website I feel a certain connection to that time” I guess I will always have a part of the “Bear” in me. Great Job!

    Mark DeLeo, VV Class of 1980


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