Grand Alumni Reunion

  • For Bob Rossi. I have contact with a number of the alumni from “Good O’le Blakely High”. I will bring this up at our upcoming reunion at the VFW in Peckville on September 23, 2006. I feel sure we can provide at least 50 plus to attend this Grand Alumni Reunion. I will contact a number of people from other classes and set this in motion.

    Looking forward to what the date will be. The football players photo for the Class of 1954 have me, and two of my brother. I am #18 second row.  My brother Tom is #2 in the second row. My brother Andy is #56 in the 3rd row.  Sorry to say Tom and Andy have passed away.

    Came from a large family, we had a football team of boys (11) and three (3) cheerleaders in our family. Sorry to say there are only 5 of us left.

    Anyone that reads this is welcome to contact me via E-Mail at: TUFOLDBIRD@AOL.COM

    Al Gerek, Class of 1954



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