Champion coach John Henzes, the maker of the Blakely Bears.

  • Coach John Henzes taught me that to play football you had to like contact and be ready for anything. he and the U.S. Marine Corps prepared me for the rest of my life, the meaning of everything is teamwork, not just one guy scoring all the touchdowns. He had a gifted way to get you to do what he wanted. it wasn’t dirty in any way, just physical, the way football is played hard hitting, and it makes the opposition sort of forget what is going on. I remember Smiler going down on the one-yard line so I could score the touchdown, I let Bill Dushney score the touchdown . Billy Dushney put fear in the opponents of the Bears. Bob Zovlansky, I remember blocked a punt in the Taylor game with his face, he was bloody but a happy Bear. all the guys played as a team, all were stars playing for the champion coach John Henzes, the maker of the Blakely Bears.

    Jackie Castellani, Class of 1954


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